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A perfect smile is considered to be one of the most important features a person can have.it is also a natural phenomenon that happens to lazy people who can't brush their teeth on a daily basis.dental plaque is horrible,soft,sticky films that builds up your teeth,due to it's microscopic bacteria that calls your mouth Home.it is also a mass of bacteria which is found between the teeth,that grows on the surfaces within the mouth,it is sticky,colourless,but when it forms tartar it becomes Brown or pale yellow.Remember,too much of plaque leads to gum disease,cavities and tooth decay.DENTAL PLAQUE can be taken care of with the following methods.1: Brush your teeth daily:in other to take care of plaque,use a flouride toothpaste and pay attention to the space where the gums and teeth meet.and brush as you normally do.2: Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has antimicrobial,which means,its an effective methods of killing harmful bacteria in your mouth.open an Aloe vera leaf,remove the pulp and apply the paste directly to your teeth and gum line,leave for 10-15 minutes and wash your mouth with water. READ ALSO:Top 6 Foods that lowers cholesterol        https://www.bloggerseoforyou.com.ng/2018/12/Top-6-foods-that-lowers-cholesterol.html?m=1             3: Baking Soda: people have been using Baking soda as a cleaning substance for teeth.dip your toothbrush into the Baking soda,add a little bit of Salt to it and brush as you up your teeth as you normally do.4: Orange peels: rub the inside of fresh orange Peels directly on your teeth before going to bed as it helps improve the quality of your smile by fighting tartar building micro-organisms on the enamel or dip your toothbrush into lemon juice before brushing your teeth.5: Coconut oil:it has antibacterial properties that helps take care of your oral needs.it functions as a disinfectant,killing all the bacteria that generates plaque,bad breath and other mouth diseases as well as eradicating plaque that already exists.melt a table spoon of coconut oil,wash your mouth with it for some minutes and then brush up your teeth with it.

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