Want to make money with your blog? things you need to know

My free guide on this page will show you how to create a wonderful,awesome and functional Blog.first let me explain what is blog.A blogger is one who published a written form of communication,that is published on a platform know as worldwide web that offers information to people all around the globe.since you know what Blog is all about,you may be wondering,its it free to start a blog? and if am to start a blog,how can I make money with it? Starting a blog is free,and also not free.remember,some services in a free blog limits monetisation.why a paid one doesn't limit monetization.you may start a blog why working part-time or full-time.if you have intention of promoting your business online so as to get a buyer,or just to earn money,you need a blog.while there may be a desire for financial freedom,no matter which part you aspire to start,some are successful,why some give up the desire to blog once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.try to figure out what kinds of blogger you are,and figure out what's On the mind of people when they start typing their search query,it will help you a lot by also identifies who your audience are,so that you will know what to blog about.2: Choose a blogging platform; there are three blogging platforms namely,Blogger,Wordpress and tumblr.wordpress is good because it has a lot of customised themes,but as a starter,go for Blogger which is the oldest and the simplest among all.lindaikeji who is the richest blogger in Nigeria is making use of Blogger not Wordpress,hope you understand.3.pick a blog and domain name:I prefer getting a domain at siteground,which is the best as far as blogging is concerned, to signup Click here.https://www.siteground.com      3.choose a theme and design your blog: you can decide whether to go with the free themes or paid ones,bloggers nowadays no longer make use of the free ones,but as a starter it's okay to use the free one's,customize it to your taste,but make sure to add a contact form,email subscription button to it because it will help you a lot.4.Monetise your blog: go to your blog,on the left hand side Click on the earnings and add google Adsense to it,fill the forms and start making money with it.https://domainking.ng/

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