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Weak erections

According to MD,professor and chairman of the department of urology at case  western reserve university of school of medicine and university hospitals case medical centre in Cleverland,Mr.Firouz Daneshgari says,"some Foods help cure weak erection because is probably related to a vascular connections".

Regular eating of this Foods are good for your vascular system because it helps suppliers enough blood to your penis.

Erectile disinfection can be related to mental or emotional distress that requires different types of treatments such as counseling and in some cases,its just a matter of not having enough blood flow that related to hypertension,heart diseases,diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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they fear of not being able to rise to the occasion becomes a heavy nightmare for men which results in loss of dignity,failure and masculinity.

Fear not and don't be afraid of darkness because there is light somewhere,so am going to list out Home Remedies For Weak Erection step by step.

1.WATERMELON:Waterm Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline that helps strengthened your penis and when talken inside the body,they amino acid inside it now converted into arginine,which stimulates in the production of nitric oxide,that elaborate(increase) the flow of blood to your penis.which helps strengthen erections.

2.COFFEE: According to researchers,the caffeine in coffee helps in elaboration of blood flows and helps to maintain erections by relaxation of certain muscles and arteries in the penis.by Caffeine,i mean,coffee,tea,soda and sports drinks.
Coffee,also helps in lowering of cholesterol(fat) in your body. 

3.TOMATOES:Tomatoes is one of the best in terms of curing weak erections,because of its lycopene that helps in the relaxation of blood vessels that builds up circulation which in turn improve the flowing of blood in the penis for healthy erections.

4.OAT MEAL:it has l-arginine,an amino acid use in curing of erectile dysfunction.it also helps in Weight loss.oatmeal is rich in fibre.

5.GINGER:Ginger is another food that can improve your sex life.it inhibits the build up of cortical which can cause weak erections,it also reduces cholesterol by working to maintain healthy blood pressure and improving artery health.consuming a mere teaspoon of ginger few times in a week,is what is needed to reap its benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

6.BANANA:Banana is rich in Potassium which helps smooth blood flow by dilating arteriosus,that helps improve erections and reducing your risk of heart problems.

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