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Bedbug is a type of pest that is wingless in nature and feed on human blood(they depends on human blood for it's leaving).

What is pest? Pest are insecticide that attacks/damages our crop,food,livestock etc.

 They usually operates on night hours and normally hides under the bed. An adult bedbug is known as CIMEX LECTULARIUS which is about 4mm-7mm in length,and are reddish brown in colour,while a small bedbug also know as NYMPHS is about 1.5mm in length,and are light coloured in nature and appear bright light after feeding. The goes through 5 immature stages before the becomes adult,and each requires blood for it's development.they usually produces 5-7 eggs per week.


They are great hitchhikers,because the migrate from an infected area to a new site/Home by travelling on lugages,dirty/old bed,coaches and unwashed clothes and boxes.

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they do not spread many diseases as people may think,but its itchy bites are reddish in colour,often,with a darker and red spot in the middle,located on the face,neck,arms and hand, and may be mistaken to be a mosquito bites.its symptoms may not appear until some days after,and if you scratch the bite,you may start experiencing another infections that can leads to swelling and bleeding.
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Taken care of bedbugs needs alot of time and persistence because it can be difficult to eliminate.also know that bedbugs are capable of leaving up to a year without feeding.for you to properly take care of bedbugs,you need to apply the following rules

Use pesticides that are registered in the US environmental protection agency.

Move away your bed away from walls

Use vacuum to store your dirty/used clothes.

Wash your sheet,pillow, blankets and clothes with hot water or use stiff brush to scrubs the affected areas.

Check your furniture,coaches,bed for any sign of bedbugs infestation before bringing them home.

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