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For images,credict to .        What is a blog?A Blogger is a writer who shares passion for a written form of communication that published on a platform know as (www.) that provides instant access to people all over the world.My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is awesome and functional without being a computer thing you need to ask yourself is,if am to start a blog,what am I GOING TO BLOG ABOUT:to become a successful Blogger is not a day job.while there is a desire for financial freedom,some are successful while some give up the desire for blogging once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.ask yourself,what should you blog about.,should I focus on giving my audience daily news and entertainment?or writing a post that solves peoples problems?        READ ALSO:Things-to-consider-before-starting-a-business.                                                                                                                 READ ALSO:importance-of-having-domain-name                                          CHOOSE A BLOGGING PLATFORM: their are 3 blogging platform,namely,wordpress,blogger and Tumblr.wordpress is good, because it has a lot of customize themes.but only meant for some professionals.but I will advise you to choose Blogger,which is the oldest and the best in terms of Seo settings and it's easy to use,linda ikeji and some other successful bloggers are making use of blogger,not wordpress.but make sure you have a Gmail account,or create one if you don't.CHOOSE A BLOG NAME/DOMAIN NAME:if you don't have money,go for .blogspot. com eg. (www.your blog's free,but as you already knows,not all free things is beneficial.www.example or your blog limits monetization,that is making don't expect to start making money with patient,but,once you find out that you can blog,or you have improved,you can go and pay for a domain name like eg(www.example,or your blog,or,or .org).to register for a domain name go for            

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