Importance of having a domain name-bloggerseoforyou

Image:creadict to                        Most newbies that started blogging tends to use blogspot as their blogging platform because it's free of use,but once you find it interesting and wanted to upgrade to a domain name but doesn't know the necessary methods needed to easily change your site URL to a registered domain names like .com,.Net,,.org and so on,worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time.i will teach you everything you needed to know so that you can get yours.but before we proceed,take time to ask yourself,WHY SHOULD I CHANGE TO .COM,.NG,AND SO ON: changing to a domain name makes people to see you and your blog as makes your blog ranks higher in terms of trust as investors likes doing business with, for or or other domains,than doing with RIGHT: trade,logo or Brand name,your domain name represent your identity because many customers,audience would like to associate them self with your products and services positively, because of your domain name.                                                                                                 READ ALSO:                                                            READ ALSO:         WEB CREATION:web creation means alot because of its linkbuilding and social media sharing.because most highly rated website s don't like giving a link back to a blogspot domain.GOOGLE ADSENSE:its a dream of every Bloggers to get Adsense approval because,its the best way of earning revenue(money). without a custom domain name for your blog,you can't be approve by Google Adsense.ADVERTISEMENT:companies would like to pay you to advertise their products for them.thats the benefits of having a domain name.                             

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