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Symptoms,Causes and treatment of kidney disease

Kidney disease also known as chronic kidney disease(CKD) is a damaged kidney that can't filter blood the way they should.This damages causes waste or other problems to build up in the body and be harmful to our health.

Kidney disease occurs slowly over many years,often due to Diabetes or high blood pressure.

There are two kidneys in a human body,which are located on either side of the spine,just above the waist.they filters the blood 12 times per hour.waste, large water and unwanted chemicals are disposed of as urine.And when it becomes damaged,it builds up waste and fluids in our body,which causes swelling in our ankles,weakness,nusea,poor sleep and shortage of breath.and without being treated,the damages gets worse which eventually stop our kidney from functioning.
"High rate of kidney diseases,which mostly degenerate into organ failure,is likened to skyrocketing incident of high blood pressure across age group"according to some medical experts.

Statistics from the world …

Symptoms,types and treatment of diabetes-bloggerseoforyou

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar(glucose) level is higher than normal.
It is a huge concern for Nigeria because up to 5 million people are suffering from diabetes."some years ago South Africa and Ethiopia tended to have more diabetes than Nigeria" said by dr.philip ikeme,a drug multinational executive officer.but now Nigeria has the highest number of people suffering from diabetes in sub-saharan Africa.
While as of 2015,an calculated,over 415 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes both men and women.

Diabetes occurs due to the insufficient production of  insulin by the pancreas or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin that is being produced.and if left untreated,it causes Heart disease ,stroke,foot ulcer and damages to the eyes.etc.

A PANCREAS is the organ that sits behind the stomach which releases the hormones into the digestive is about 6 inches and sits across the back of t…

Backlinks to a website:tips on how to generate traffic-bloggerseoforyou

Many bloggers especially upcoming onces are struggling to have a clear understanding of what the term "backlinks" means. Some of you understand what the terms "backlinks" means,but doesn't know how to apply the formula so as to increase your ranking on search engines results page(SERP) worry no more,because finally you have arrived at the right place at the right time to get the required information.
So am going to give you tips on how to generate backlinks and ways to implement it for better ranking.

It is a clickable text on a website that likened back to your site.

For more clearer understanding,Backlinks are like the heart that pumps your blood to the important organs of your body.without the heart,your body its of no use.
So backlinks are incoming text to a webpage,because when a webpage links to any of your contents,it passes what we call a LINK JUICE which helps with the ranking of your webpage and also improves your domain authority(DA) a…

Ketogenic diet for Weight loss-bloggerseoforyou

Keto? A ketogenic diet is a low-carb,high fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low- carbs diets which forcefully reduce carbohydrate intake by replacing it with fat-Cholesterol

Eating a lot of fat and very few carbohydrates will put you in metabolic state where your body burns fat rather than carbohydrates(ketosis).

Keto diet is not for people who are very thin,have metabolic issues or have an eating warned.

Eating fat does not higher your insulin as opposed to carbs and protein intake,it burns fat rather than storing it.

it is also used to treat epilepsy in children because it forces the body to burn more fats rather than carbohydrates.

It was first introduced in 1923 by Dr.Russell wilder, as a treatment of paediatric epilepsy, all the diet are a variation of classic keto,which is the most strict seen by ratio of fat to protein and carbs also known as macronutrient.

Keto classic carries a 4:1 ratio by weight of fat to join pr…

Pregnancy:early signs and symptoms-bloggerseoforyou

PREGNANCYIt is also known as gestation, is a period in which an offspring is being developed inside a woman's womb.
It usually takes place during sexual intercourse and in some cases through assisted reproductive technology.

Child birth usually takes place 40 weeks from the last menstrual period and when measured from fertilization it is over nine(9 )months which is thirty-eight(38) weeks in total.

A developing offspring during the first Eight( 8 )weeks after fertilization until after birth is known as Embryo.

Also know that the best way to notice weather you are pregnant at first sight is to have a pregnancy test.


They best way to know weather you are pregnant or not at an early stage is simply to have a pregnancy test, or a blood test by your doctor.
 But their are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy you haven't heard of.But according to information/researchers,shows that most pregnant women start feeling it's symptoms starting from the 5th-6th weeks of you…

Complete SEO settings: Permalink,Google fetching&many more

Hello my fellow bloggers,previously I taught about complete SEO settings for bloggers:sitemap,meta tags and many more.if you haven't fully implement it,or understand it Go here to take you back to my previous article. if you are new with the previous topic and you wish to implement it's settings before heading to this new topic complete SEO settings: Permalink, Google fetching and many more.also Go here

As i previously stated,SEO stand for search engine must be fully implemented perfectly in other for you to rank more higher in search engines,so let's head to label settings

LABEL SETTINGS:is known as blog categories, because it helps to organise your blog by letting your readers to find what the are looking for easily without stress.
Bear in mind that label also known as categories or tags are not part of SEO settings but it's important to have labels in your blog/content so as to look matured/easy to navigate for your readers
For example you are writing a …

Complete SEO settings for bloggers: sitemap,meta tag&more