Complete SEO settings for bloggers: sitemap,meta tag&more
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Before I proceed,i would like you to understand the full meaning of stands for search engine optimisation

I know you might have heard alot about SEO and how it operates.but bear in mind that SEO is a repeated process that its used to send signals to search engine that your content are worth showing in Google index.or you can say,its a way to optimise your content so that search engine like google bot will read it better and gives you higher also emphasis both the technical and creative settings needed to increase rankings and drives traffic in search engines.

SEO is very important for Marketer's because when you optimise your page,including your content,you are making your website visible to people who are entering your keywords associating with your products and services via search engine like Google bot.although many Top bloggers jump to WordPress because of bloggers inability to install SEO friendliness settings,template,plugins etc.but right now blogspot is 100% mobile friendly and very easy to use.

I will be showing you a complete SEO settings for bloggers:sitemap,meta tags&many more in other for you to rank higher in search engines.but first you need to start by opening your blogger dashboard by typing from your mobile phone or your pc/laptop 
go to settings and click on basic,edith the title and insert yours,click save.
A title or title tag is an HTML that specifies the title of a web page.its like a clickable headline for what your page is all about.
Move over to BASIC DESCRIPTION edit and type in what your BLOG is all about eg(a blog about News and entertainment,or a blog about travel's and tour's etc) and save.make sure it's brief,eye catching and descriptive. because that is what will show up on search engines when people visit/search your blog.
now let's move over to PRIVACY edit and click on yes to add your blog to listening and to let search engine find your blog and click save.

Custom robots header tags gives search engine full access to crawl your Post urls immediately you added a fresh contents to your site.
From the Search preference settings,click edith in front of custom robots header tags and enable it.fill in the necessary space,do it as shown below.

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Custom robots txt is a text file that tells search engines which pages on your site to crawl and which pages he shouldn't crawl.
So start by editing the custom robots txt in front of the search preference settings.
insert in your robots txt and save.but if you don't have one,open a new page and type in your domain name( you will see yours as shown below,
copy and paste,then click save.
Open your blogger dashboard by typing
Go to settings,under settings select search preference,go to Google search console and click edit,go to ADD PROPERTY and type in your domain name and save/add.

now its time to verify your ownership of your domain name,verify through any of the method being shown to you and click save.
Under Google search console click on crawl and select sitemap under the crawl section,at the top right corner of your sitemap page,select ADD SITEMAP and insert your sitemap file and select save.
Insert your sitemap file by typing(yourblogname/sitemap.xml as shown below
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