Complete SEO settings: Permalink,Google fetching&many more

Hello my fellow bloggers,previously I taught about complete SEO settings for bloggers:sitemap,meta tags and many more.if you haven't fully implement it,or understand it Go here to take you back to my previous article.

 if you are new with the previous topic and you wish to implement it's settings before heading to this new topic complete SEO settings: Permalink, Google fetching and many more.also Go here

As i previously stated,SEO stand for search engine must be fully implemented perfectly in other for you to rank more higher in search engines,so let's head to label settings

LABEL SETTINGS:is known as blog categories, because it helps to organise your blog by letting your readers to find what the are looking for easily without stress.
Bear in mind that label also known as categories or tags are not part of SEO settings but it's important to have labels in your blog/content so as to look matured/easy to navigate for your readers
For example you are writing a content about hotels in Miami,and best hotels in Abu Dhabi.for easy navigation your labels should be HOTEL.

To enable label settings,go at the top right corner of the blog you want to update/Post and click on the down arrow.go to label and insert your label.

PERMALINK: is the complete URL of your blog post,because it contains your domain name,date of the post and post is very very important for SEO settings because both search engines and visitors use these Permalink to index and visit your site.
For example 
Is  an example of a good Permalink enable Permalink settings go at the top right corner of your blogger dashboard,click on the down arrow and click on Permalink

SEARCH DESCRIPTION:it is the short summary of your blog post.when you have a new post,the search description is what will influence your visitors that your blog post is actually the right place to get the answer there are looking enable search description go at the top right corner of your blogger dashboard and click on the down arrow

GOOGLE FETCH AND RENDER:bear it in mind that it takes  4 weeks and 4 days for search engine like Google bot to fetch and renders your blog fetching tools permits you to have a clear idea how your site URL/blog post or images, its been crawls/renders by google bot.
Also know that once your contents is being fetch by googlebot it ewil start appearing in google search engines for visitors to see once the type in your search query.
To enable it copy your post/content URL,go to Google webmaster tools,if you still don't have a property their,create one and if you have,click on your property,go to crawl fetch to Google,take the URL you like to index and paste it into the search bar,click on the fetch button,after google had found the URL,click submit to index.

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