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How to add social media icons to blogger

Today,am going to show you how to add social media icons to bloggers account so that your site/blog audience/page viewer's can easily share your great contents with their friends through the use of social media.

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hope am right?so worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time to have an inside knowledge of the necessary needed basic settings,but before we proceed

let first have a clear understanding of what the term social media is all about.

Social media are interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information,ideas,career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and network.

Some of the most popular social media website are Facebook,you tube,instagram,twitter,pinterest,linkedln,tymblr,vibe,baidu,wechat,reddit,snap chat etc.

People usually access social media services through the use of desktop,laptop,smartphones and tablets etc.through this media,people can now share,discuss,co create,modify user generated content or pre made content posted online.

How to add social media icons to blogger

Download your networking button images of your choice to your web directory(phone,laptop/pc).


Login to your blogger account/dashboard,click on create a new post.i know right now you might be thinking,"am I creating a new post or to add social media icons".worry not,because you are not creating a new post,but you are making space for a place to install your icons you just downloaded.


After clicking on "create a new post" at the top left hand side,you will see ''compose and HTML button


Click on the HTML, and at the left side,you will see an image icon

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Click on the image icon and upload/choose any social media icons of your choice that you previously downloaded,and click on "add selected" to save your images.

Now to see a preview of what you just did,click on "'compose" at the left side of your post,now you will see all the social media icons you just uploaded.

How to add links to your icons

To add a link,you need a url of the web address of each social media icons you want others to land on,when the click on the icon.
when readers click on my Facebook icon,i want them to land on and not

To do that you need to apply the following formula

 click on "'compose"at the left side and this time,you are going to see your social media icons you have uploaded. on the first image you want to it Facebook,twitter,pinterest or any of your choice, until it turns blue.

now listen attentively,immediately go and click on the"link" botton at the top right corner of your post, once being click,you will see something like this.
On the web address,type in the link of the social media address of your choice.for Facebook page is and click on the"OK"botton to save.

How to centre your media icons

After all your media icons are being  linked,you know need to centred it by applying the following methods


Select all images and click on the align centre from the drop down menu

Now that all your icons are being centred and linked,move over and click on the HTML at the top left hand corner.there,you will see all your codes


Copied all and open a new tab,or click on save,then close your post,and move over to your blogger layout.


within the blogger,click on layout,click on any of the"add a gadget" links within the choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget from the list, leave the title open,and paste your already copied post on the content space and click on save.also don't forget to click on the "save arrangement" on the main layout page in the upper right hand side and gbagam you are good to go.

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