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How to add social media icons to blogger-bloggerseoforyou

How to add social media icons to blogger

Today,am going to show you how to add social media icons to bloggers account so that your site/blog audience/page viewer's can easily share your great contents with their friends through the use of social media.To know more on the importance of adding your blogg post to Opera mini news feed Click here
hope am right?so worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time to have an inside knowledge of the necessary needed basic settings,but before we proceedlet first have a clear understanding of what the term social media is all about.

Social media are interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information,ideas,career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and network.

Some of the most popular social media website are Facebook,you tube,instagram,twitter,pinterest,linkedln,tymblr,vibe,baidu,wechat,reddit,snap chat etc.
People usually access social media services t…

Things to consider before starting a blog-bloggerseoforyou

For images,credict to .        What is a blog?A Blogger is a writer who shares passion for a written form of communication that published on a platform know as (www.) that provides instant access to people all over the world.My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is awesome and functional without being a computer thing you need to ask yourself is,if am to start a blog,what am I GOING TO BLOG ABOUT:to become a successful Blogger is not a day job.while there is a desire for financial freedom,some are successful while some give up the desire for blogging once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.ask yourself,what should you blog about.,should I focus on giving my audience daily news and entertainment?or writing a post that solves peoples problems?        READ ALSO:Things-to-consider-before-starting-a-business.                                                                                        …

Importance of having a domain name-bloggerseoforyou

Image:creadict to                        Most newbies that started blogging tends to use blogspot as their blogging platform because it's free of use,but once you find it interesting and wanted to upgrade to a domain name but doesn't know the necessary methods needed to easily change your site URL to a registered domain names like .com,.Net,,.org and so on,worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time.i will teach you everything you needed to know so that you can get yours.but before we proceed,take time to ask yourself,WHY SHOULD I CHANGE TO .COM,.NG,AND SO ON: changing to a domain name makes people to see you and your blog as makes your blog ranks higher in terms of trust as investors likes doing business with, for or or other domains,than doing with RIGHT: trade,logo or Brand name,your domain name represent your identity because many customers,audien…

Want to make money with your blog? things you need to know

My free guide on this page will show you how to create a wonderful,awesome and functional Blog.first let me explain what is blog.A blogger is one who published a written form of communication,that is published on a platform know as worldwide web that offers information to people all around the globe.since you know what Blog is all about,you may be wondering,its it free to start a blog? and if am to start a blog,how can I make money with it? Starting a blog is free,and also not free.remember,some services in a free blog limits monetisation.why a paid one doesn't limit may start a blog why working part-time or full-time.if you have intention of promoting your business online so as to get a buyer,or just to earn money,you need a blog.while there may be a desire for financial freedom,no matter which part you aspire to start,some are successful,why some give up the desire to blog once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.try to figure out…