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How to add social media icons to blogger-bloggerseoforyou

How to add social media icons to blogger

Today,am going to show you how to add social media icons to bloggers account so that your site/blog audience/page viewer's can easily share your great contents with their friends through the use of social media.To know more on the importance of adding your blogg post to Opera mini news feed Click here
hope am right?so worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time to have an inside knowledge of the necessary needed basic settings,but before we proceedlet first have a clear understanding of what the term social media is all about.

Social media are interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information,ideas,career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and network.

Some of the most popular social media website are Facebook,you tube,instagram,twitter,pinterest,linkedln,tymblr,vibe,baidu,wechat,reddit,snap chat etc.
People usually access social media services t…

Different types and benefits of exercising to health-bloggerseoforyou

Exercise can be defined as any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and wellness of people.
Sushruta, a 6th century BC physician in India,is credited with the first documented case of a written prescription for exercise.he advised that daily exercise would improve certain aspects of bodily health,such as muscle building,weight loss&maintenance, digestive health, helps increase growth and development,helps prevent ageing,helps strengthen muscle,weight loss or maintenance and also for enjoyment.etc.

According to information at the university of British Columbia,reseachers gathered that a regular aerobic exercise,the kind that gets your heart and sweat glands pumping appears to boost the size of the hippocampus where as the brain area are involved in verbal and learning.

Importance of exercise to humans body

It gives strength and energy
Physical exercise increases your strength and energy by increasing the flow of blood to your body and improves your cardiovascular …

Symptoms,types and treatment of diabetes-bloggerseoforyou

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar(glucose) level is higher than normal.
It is a huge concern for Nigeria because up to 5 million people are suffering from diabetes."some years ago South Africa and Ethiopia tended to have more diabetes than Nigeria" said by dr.philip ikeme,a drug multinational executive officer.but now Nigeria has the highest number of people suffering from diabetes in sub-saharan Africa.
While as of 2015,an calculated,over 415 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes both men and women.

Diabetes occurs due to the insufficient production of  insulin by the pancreas or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin that is being produced.and if left untreated,it causes Heart disease ,stroke,foot ulcer and damages to the eyes.etc.

A PANCREAS is the organ that sits behind the stomach which releases the hormones into the digestive is about 6 inches and sits across the back of t…

Backlinks to a website:tips on how to generate traffic-bloggerseoforyou

Many bloggers especially upcoming onces are struggling to have a clear understanding of what the term "backlinks" means. Some of you understand what the terms "backlinks" means,but doesn't know how to apply the formula so as to increase your ranking on search engines results page(SERP) worry no more,because finally you have arrived at the right place at the right time to get the required information.
So am going to give you tips on how to generate backlinks and ways to implement it for better ranking.

It is a clickable text on a website that likened back to your site.

For more clearer understanding,Backlinks are like the heart that pumps your blood to the important organs of your body.without the heart,your body its of no use.
So backlinks are incoming text to a webpage,because when a webpage links to any of your contents,it passes what we call a LINK JUICE which helps with the ranking of your webpage and also improves your domain authority(DA) a…

Ketogenic diet for Weight loss-bloggerseoforyou

Keto? A ketogenic diet is a low-carb,high fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low- carbs diets which forcefully reduce carbohydrate intake by replacing it with fat-Cholesterol

Eating a lot of fat and very few carbohydrates will put you in metabolic state where your body burns fat rather than carbohydrates(ketosis).

Keto diet is not for people who are very thin,have metabolic issues or have an eating warned.

Eating fat does not higher your insulin as opposed to carbs and protein intake,it burns fat rather than storing it.

it is also used to treat epilepsy in children because it forces the body to burn more fats rather than carbohydrates.

It was first introduced in 1923 by Dr.Russell wilder, as a treatment of paediatric epilepsy, all the diet are a variation of classic keto,which is the most strict seen by ratio of fat to protein and carbs also known as macronutrient.

Keto classic carries a 4:1 ratio by weight of fat to join pr…

Complete SEO settings for bloggers: sitemap,meta tag&more


Symptoms,causes and treatment of bedbug -bloggerseoforyou


Heart disease: meaning,types,symptoms and causes

 Heart disease is a phrase that refers to a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions that affects the heart components.

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart such as blood vessels,coronary artery,arrhythmais and congenital heart defects.

Anything that destroys  the heart or decreases the heart supply of oxygen,makes it less efficient or reduces it's ability to fill and pump,will disrupt the co-ordinated relationship between the heart, kidney and blood vessels and harm both the heart and the body.


The heart is a muscle about the size of a fist and roughly cone-shaped,the heart is about 12cm long, 9cm across the broadest point and about 6cm thick located in a place called the mediastinum which regularly pumps blood.the heart beats Up to 100,000 times a day,the blood,the heart moves with carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and transport carbon dioxide to the lungs,kidneys and liver fo…

Home Remedies For Weak Erection-bloggerseoforyou


Things to consider before starting a blog-bloggerseoforyou

For images,credict to .        What is a blog?A Blogger is a writer who shares passion for a written form of communication that published on a platform know as (www.) that provides instant access to people all over the world.My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is awesome and functional without being a computer thing you need to ask yourself is,if am to start a blog,what am I GOING TO BLOG ABOUT:to become a successful Blogger is not a day job.while there is a desire for financial freedom,some are successful while some give up the desire for blogging once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.ask yourself,what should you blog about.,should I focus on giving my audience daily news and entertainment?or writing a post that solves peoples problems?        READ ALSO:Things-to-consider-before-starting-a-business.                                                                                        …

Importance of having a domain name-bloggerseoforyou

Image:creadict to                        Most newbies that started blogging tends to use blogspot as their blogging platform because it's free of use,but once you find it interesting and wanted to upgrade to a domain name but doesn't know the necessary methods needed to easily change your site URL to a registered domain names like .com,.Net,,.org and so on,worry no more because you are at the right place at the right time.i will teach you everything you needed to know so that you can get yours.but before we proceed,take time to ask yourself,WHY SHOULD I CHANGE TO .COM,.NG,AND SO ON: changing to a domain name makes people to see you and your blog as makes your blog ranks higher in terms of trust as investors likes doing business with, for or or other domains,than doing with RIGHT: trade,logo or Brand name,your domain name represent your identity because many customers,audien…

Top 6 Foods that lowers cholesterol

I know you must have been tired,googling what's the best food to eat in other to help loose more fat(burn more calories). worry no more,just follows my top 6 Foods that lowers cholesterol guidelines and incorporate these healthy weight loss foods into your diets,in other to burn more calories.they chief of them all is 

COFFEE: the caffeine in coffee speed up your metabolism thereby helping your body burn more should be taken first thing in the morning to boost both concentration and energy level and also to aid weight loss,because it is capable of boosting your metabolic rate by stimulating thermogenesis,helping burn more calories(fat).

Want to make money with your blog? things you need to know

My free guide on this page will show you how to create a wonderful,awesome and functional Blog.first let me explain what is blog.A blogger is one who published a written form of communication,that is published on a platform know as worldwide web that offers information to people all around the globe.since you know what Blog is all about,you may be wondering,its it free to start a blog? and if am to start a blog,how can I make money with it? Starting a blog is free,and also not free.remember,some services in a free blog limits monetisation.why a paid one doesn't limit may start a blog why working part-time or full-time.if you have intention of promoting your business online so as to get a buyer,or just to earn money,you need a blog.while there may be a desire for financial freedom,no matter which part you aspire to start,some are successful,why some give up the desire to blog once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.try to figure out…

5 hidden Home remedies that fight against plaque-bloggerseoforyou

A perfect smile is considered to be one of the most important features a person can is also a natural phenomenon that happens to lazy people who can't brush their teeth on a daily plaque is horrible,soft,sticky films that builds up your teeth,due to it's microscopic bacteria that calls your mouth is also a mass of bacteria which is found between the teeth,that grows on the surfaces within the mouth,it is sticky,colourless,but when it forms tartar it becomes Brown or pale yellow.Remember,too much of plaque leads to gum disease,cavities and tooth decay.DENTAL PLAQUE can be taken care of with the following methods.1: Brush your teeth daily:in other to take care of plaque,use a flouride toothpaste and pay attention to the space where the gums and teeth meet.and brush as you normally do.2: Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has antimicrobial,which means,its an effective methods of killing harmful bacteria in your an Aloe vera leaf,remove the pulp and appl…

Importance of adding your blog/website post to Opera Mini News feed-bloggerseoforyou

Why adding my blog/website post to Opera Mini News feed is important.I know you have been coming across blog post on opera Mini News feeds and you have been wondering how to put your blog/website post also.

opera Mini application is one of the most visited worldwide,by people surfing the web either for their daily news or wanting to type some keywords to search engines,one thing is certain,once you open the Opera browser the first things that welcomes you is different news going on around the world.
Thats why many bloggers/website owners tends to get more visitors/traffic to their blog/website by appearing on Opera Mini News feeds.and the also get more incomes from Opera News feed,as the pay you 50% of their revenue to advertise their products to readers reading your post/contents.
i know right now you are interested to know the hidden secrets.dont worry I will teach you everything,but in other to qualify,your blog must stick to the following reasons
1. your blog/website must be Seo …

Things to consider before starting a business-bloggerseoforyou

Before starting a business,ask yourself this question,what are the things to consider before starting a business?".remember in other to start a business you need a strong plan and the desire/persistence to see it am going to list out what you need to consider before starting a business and my number one is
the first step to starting a business is to adequately prepare may think it's not important,whereas it can be the thin line between success and failure.its tough to run a business but it's highly rewarding.preparation is the reason most youth apprentize(learn trade)under the watchful eye's of an established entrepreneur for years before breaking out on their can also prepare yourself by attending seminar on the choosing line of business you wish to ventured can also prepare yourself by accepting the reality that you can fail sometimes,then you determine to succeed despite the odds/competition against you.