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Backlinks to a website:tips on how to generate traffic-bloggerseoforyou

Many bloggers especially upcoming onces are struggling to have a clear understanding of what the term "backlinks" means. Some of you understand what the terms "backlinks" means,but doesn't know how to apply the formula so as to increase your ranking on search engines results page(SERP) worry no more,because finally you have arrived at the right place at the right time to get the required information.
So am going to give you tips on how to generate backlinks and ways to implement it for better ranking.

It is a clickable text on a website that likened back to your site.

For more clearer understanding,Backlinks are like the heart that pumps your blood to the important organs of your body.without the heart,your body its of no use.
So backlinks are incoming text to a webpage,because when a webpage links to any of your contents,it passes what we call a LINK JUICE which helps with the ranking of your webpage and also improves your domain authority(DA) a…

Complete SEO settings: Permalink,Google fetching&many more

Hello my fellow bloggers,previously I taught about complete SEO settings for bloggers:sitemap,meta tags and many more.if you haven't fully implement it,or understand it Go here to take you back to my previous article. if you are new with the previous topic and you wish to implement it's settings before heading to this new topic complete SEO settings: Permalink, Google fetching and many more.also Go here

As i previously stated,SEO stand for search engine must be fully implemented perfectly in other for you to rank more higher in search engines,so let's head to label settings

LABEL SETTINGS:is known as blog categories, because it helps to organise your blog by letting your readers to find what the are looking for easily without stress.
Bear in mind that label also known as categories or tags are not part of SEO settings but it's important to have labels in your blog/content so as to look matured/easy to navigate for your readers
For example you are writing a …

Complete SEO settings for bloggers: sitemap,meta tag&more


Importance of adding your blog/website post to Opera Mini News feed-bloggerseoforyou

Why adding my blog/website post to Opera Mini News feed is important.I know you have been coming across blog post on opera Mini News feeds and you have been wondering how to put your blog/website post also.

opera Mini application is one of the most visited worldwide,by people surfing the web either for their daily news or wanting to type some keywords to search engines,one thing is certain,once you open the Opera browser the first things that welcomes you is different news going on around the world.
Thats why many bloggers/website owners tends to get more visitors/traffic to their blog/website by appearing on Opera Mini News feeds.and the also get more incomes from Opera News feed,as the pay you 50% of their revenue to advertise their products to readers reading your post/contents.
i know right now you are interested to know the hidden secrets.dont worry I will teach you everything,but in other to qualify,your blog must stick to the following reasons
1. your blog/website must be Seo …