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PREGNANCYIt is also known as gestation, is a period in which an offspring is being developed inside a woman's womb.
It usually takes place during sexual intercourse and in some cases through assisted reproductive technology.

Child birth usually takes place 40 weeks from the last menstrual period and when measured from fertilization it is over nine(9 )months which is thirty-eight(38) weeks in total.

A developing offspring during the first Eight( 8 )weeks after fertilization until after birth is known as Embryo.

Also know that the best way to notice weather you are pregnant at first sight is to have a pregnancy test.


They best way to know weather you are pregnant or not at an early stage is simply to have a pregnancy test, or a blood test by your doctor.
 But their are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy you haven't heard of.But according to information/researchers,shows that most pregnant women start feeling it's symptoms starting from the 5th-6th weeks of you…

Complete SEO settings: Permalink,Google fetching&many more

Hello my fellow bloggers,previously I taught about complete SEO settings for bloggers:sitemap,meta tags and many more.if you haven't fully implement it,or understand it Go here to take you back to my previous article. if you are new with the previous topic and you wish to implement it's settings before heading to this new topic complete SEO settings: Permalink, Google fetching and many more.also Go here

As i previously stated,SEO stand for search engine must be fully implemented perfectly in other for you to rank more higher in search engines,so let's head to label settings

LABEL SETTINGS:is known as blog categories, because it helps to organise your blog by letting your readers to find what the are looking for easily without stress.
Bear in mind that label also known as categories or tags are not part of SEO settings but it's important to have labels in your blog/content so as to look matured/easy to navigate for your readers
For example you are writing a …

Complete SEO settings for bloggers: sitemap,meta tag&more


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Heart disease: meaning,types,symptoms and causes

 Heart disease is a phrase that refers to a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions that affects the heart components.

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart such as blood vessels,coronary artery,arrhythmais and congenital heart defects.

Anything that destroys  the heart or decreases the heart supply of oxygen,makes it less efficient or reduces it's ability to fill and pump,will disrupt the co-ordinated relationship between the heart, kidney and blood vessels and harm both the heart and the body.


The heart is a muscle about the size of a fist and roughly cone-shaped,the heart is about 12cm long, 9cm across the broadest point and about 6cm thick located in a place called the mediastinum which regularly pumps blood.the heart beats Up to 100,000 times a day,the blood,the heart moves with carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and transport carbon dioxide to the lungs,kidneys and liver fo…

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For images,credict to .        What is a blog?A Blogger is a writer who shares passion for a written form of communication that published on a platform know as (www.) that provides instant access to people all over the world.My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is awesome and functional without being a computer thing you need to ask yourself is,if am to start a blog,what am I GOING TO BLOG ABOUT:to become a successful Blogger is not a day job.while there is a desire for financial freedom,some are successful while some give up the desire for blogging once the realise the level of work and persistence needed to run a blog.ask yourself,what should you blog about.,should I focus on giving my audience daily news and entertainment?or writing a post that solves peoples problems?        READ ALSO:Things-to-consider-before-starting-a-business.                                                                                        …